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global cooling

Global cooling will come in 2020 and last 70 years

global coolingAccording to experts, in 2020, all living things will feel cooling, which will eventually grow into the Ice Age. This stage of the life of the planet will last about 70 years.

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This conclusion was made by the employees of the Space Weather website. Already in 2021 people will think of how to escape from the cold. The reason for this is the transition in 2020 of the Sun to the phase of the lowest possible activity.

Previously, this happened in the years 1965-1715, when the star had a minimum number of black spots. So, instead of 40 thousand, there were only 50.

The latest evidence suggests a repetition of this event. Every year the number of black spots on the Sun decreases. The next ice age will be very severe, it will have to endure about seventy years.

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Climatologists are already thinking about creating machines to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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