Global Consciousness Project Reveals Our Collective Mind and Energy

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP, also called the EGG Project) is a research initiative that started in 1998 to explore the possible influence of “global consciousness” on physical systems. The project uses a network of random number generators (RNGs) located around the world to measure the output variations that may be related to collective emotional reactions or focused attention by large groups of people. The GCP is supported by the Institute of Noetic Sciences and involves an international team of about 100 scientists and engineers. The hypothesis is that coherent consciousness can create order in the world and affect subtle…

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Zoe Mitchell

Zoe Mitchell is an independent researcher and writer on extraordinary topics. She has a passion for delving into the realms of UFOs, paranormal phenomena and the enigmatic.

Zoe has a degree in journalism and a keen interest in history, mythology and folklore. She believes that there is more to reality than meets the eye, and that the truth is often stranger than fiction.