Glitch in the matrix or teleportation? Tree suddenly grows inside a car

A very strange incident happened a few days ago and as soon as it was posted on Facebook, it became viral.

In the video, we see a truly bizarre incident: it looks like a big tree suddenly grew inside a parked car.

If you look carefully, you will see how the machine is completely perforated by the tree from the bottom up. The location where the incident took place is still unknown.

The video was first posted on the Nigerian news site

A woman who shared the video with via WhatsApp wrote: ”People think that it’s only in Africa such thing would happen. The Bible says in the end time, strange things would be happening that no one can fathom, and this is one of such.“

Interestingly, the tree has roots and it is stuck in the ground. In addition, there is no damage to the sides of the car. It looks like the car was teleported or the tree suddenly grew where it was parked.

We will keep you updated once we receive more details.

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  1. Or… And let me go out on a really thin limb here… It was street art?

    Little things like the obvious cutting and curling of the hole in the roof. That it wasn’t parked in the actual lot at all but positioned among that row of trees that have obviously been there for some time… Unless the whole row of ornamental trees sprouted at once just when some jerk illegally parked.

    Nah… It’s just street art. By a local theater company somewhere in France. Found that out in less than 30 seconds because the video was gone.

    This is the kind of crud I was talking about in the comments that are awaiting moderation.

    Some of your content is decent even if lifted off others. It’s really not hard to catch the copy/pasting, you know. But this kind of stuff… Come on.

    I’m glad you don’t get ad revenue off me. Lmao. Moderate that.

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