Girl discovered a secret hatch and stairs that led to a creepy room

In the US, the girl was cleaning her closet, which she was going to use as a recording booth. However, there she made an unexpected and chilling discovery.

Julia Henning from Los Angeles has been living in her home for about three years, which she assumed she knew very well. One day, while cleaning, she noticed a hatch in the closet, which the girl raised and saw a wooden staircase leading into the darkness.

@iamjuliahenning I was cleaning the closet and decided to invesitgate. This is what I found… should I go in?! #hauntedhouses #hauntedhouse #creepytiktok #creepyhouse #crawlspace #creepycrawlspace #hiddenhorror #scarystories #homediscovery #hauntedhollywood #ghosthunters #investigation #whatliesbeneath #barbarian #oldhousetiktok #hiddengems #docuseries ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

This frightened her, and therefore she turned to a medium, who, as she hoped, would help her.

However, the specialist went down only a couple of steps and immediately got back up, because he allegedly could not continue further. The medium also said that he felt something.

“The house is clearly inhabited,” Julia says.

After this discovery, the girl complained of intriguing consequences. In particular, she began to have strange dreams.

Her fears were confirmed by a friend who came to visit and complained of a deterioration in well-being. In addition, sometimes at night her alarm goes off for no apparent reason.

@iamjuliahenning Ok first attempt, fail. We’re going to try again. She said she felt something when she walked into the house but that it wasn’t dark or “evil”. But she didnt feel comfortale going down. Also… I am hosting an event at the house this weekend… 🫠 #hauntedhouses #hauntedhouse #creepytiktok #creepyhouse #crawlspace #creepycrawlspace #hiddenhorror #scarystories #homediscovery #hauntedhollywood #ghosthunters #investigation #whatliesbeneath #barbarian ###oldhousetiktok #hiddengems #docuseries ♬ original sound – Julia Henning

One day, Henning decided to go into the unknown, wearing a coat and ski mask to protect herself from the unpleasant consequences of a supposed encounter with insects.

When she went down to the secret room, she found on the wall a drawing with the inscriptions “Joe” and “John”, shelves for storing alcoholic beverages, a note from exterminators 30 years ago, a can, a lighter, a ring and a toy car.

@iamjuliahenning Despite my vast knowlegde of every horror movie ever, I am literwlly THAT girl who went into the crawl space alone 🤦‍♀️ #hauntedhouses #hauntedhouse #creepytiktok #creepyhouse #crawlspace #creepycrawlspace #hiddenhorror #scarystories #homediscovery #hauntedhollywood #ghosthunters #investigation #whatliesbeneath #barbarian #oldhousetiktok #hiddengems #docuseries ♬ original sound – Julia Henning

The girl thinks that when she opened the hatch, she may have awakened evil spirits. It is possible that this place was used for magical rites.

Now she is thinking about how to cleanse the house of the force that haunts her.

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