Giant UFO lies at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Peru

Years ago, people in the cafes around Pisco’s central plaza, Peru were talking nonstop about the second UFO display off coast Lima the previous night.

Rumors spread about the presence of an underwater base offshore. Some said it was an alien base, others claimed that it was secret NATO base.

Scanning the bottom of the ocean off coast Lima, Peru shows a perfect disk shaped object with a diameter of 6,4km that seems out of place compared to the surrounding ocean floor, reports

Could it be:

1. A huge flying saucer (UFO or USO) that floats above a black hole.

2. A solid construction that can open and close leading to an underwater base.

Another perfect disk shaped object with a diameter of 4km shows up at the bottom of the ocean floor 385 km away from the first disk. This disk also seems out of place and we may wonder whether it is a crashed UFO.

Is it possible that the witnesses, who years ago saw UFOs off the coast of Lima, Peru be right that there is an alien underwater base?


Object 1: 10°45’36.43″S 82°21’52.43″W

Object 2: 14°12’23.11″S 81°38’53.57″W

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