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Shark head

Giant Shark Head Bitten Off By Even Larger Creature

Shark headA resident of the Australian state of New South Wales, engaged in industrial fishing, was amazed when he pulled out of the water the head of a huge blacknose shark.

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Jason Moys from the city of Bermaghi and his colleagues weighed their discovery and determined that its weight exceeds 220 pounds. This means that in general, the shark weighed more than 660 pounds, and its length reached 13 feet. This raises a legitimate question: who could bite off the head of this monster?

Moys took a picture of his friend Jasper Lei, along with a piece of fish, and put the photo on Facebook, where it quickly became viral, collecting millions of views and thousands of comments.

Internet users began to build various guesses about how overseas monsters so easily coped with the giant shark. Blacknose sharks are very aggressive predators, so the opponent of such a fish should have been even more ferocious than it. And of course, much bigger.

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Many users have suggested that it was a real Megalodon. These colossal sharks that existed millions of years ago are considered extinct, but some cryptozoologists believe that somewhere in the depths of the oceans such prehistoric predators can still live.

The weight of adult megalodons reached 80 000 pounds, and the length – 52 feet. Thus, in theory, these fish can hunt not only sharks, but also whales.

There are Internet users who think that the fish could get under the propeller of a large vessel. But Australians reject this theory since traces of huge teeth are visible on the head of the predator.

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Someone from the sea predators clearly tasted this shark… But the question is – who was it?

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