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Giant Loch Ness-Type creature filmed in Argentine lake

A couple of Argentine fishermen recorded strange video of what seems to be to be a large aquatic creature suspected by some observers to be a legendary lake monster known as Nahuelito.

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The fascinating sighting happened last month at Nahuel Huapi Lake, reports

As the two men at the picturesque site were fishing, they were puzzled to see something unusual emerging from the water.

When one of the witnesses believed he saw a flipper attached to the creature, his friend grabbed his cell phone quickly and started filming the anomaly.

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However, their video isn’t particularly good and doesn’t reflect the weirdness of what the two witnessed.

In the footage, one of the witnesses can be heard questioning in Spanish “I don’t know what it is but it looks like something very big, it looked like it had scales, I went to see up to three flippers out” before eventually musing “Something is happening there… it’s scary.”

The video taken by the fishermen quickly became viral in Argentina as the location of their encounter happened to be the suspected birthplace of the Loch Ness Monster version of the country known as Nahuelito.

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Nahuelito is a lake monster reported to live in Nahuel Huapi Lake, Patagonia, Argentina. Like Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, the Argentine creature is named after the lake it resides in and has been described as a giant serpent or a huge hump, as well as a plesiosaur.

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