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Giant green spiral was spotted from space in the Baltic Sea

Satellites took an incredible photo of a strange spiral discovered in the Baltic Sea. It later became clear that the whirlpool captured from space is actually a spiral of cyanobacterial blooms.

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The rotating mass of microbes created a huge “dead zone” in the Baltic Sea, which deprived the place of oxygen, reports Live Science.

It is known that the spiral occurred in the Baltic Sea as a result of a massive algae bloom in 2018. Although the spiral looks stunning from space, scientists warn that it is incredibly dangerous as it essentially creates a huge toxic “dead zone.”

Data from NASA’s Earth Observatory indicate that the spiral is about 25 kilometers in diameter and originated in the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea located between Finland, Estonia and Russia.

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Scientists note that the giant spiral was primarily composed of tiny photosynthetic marine bacteria, also known as cyanobacteria, as well as small amounts of glass-armored plankton known as diatoms.

The spiral of cyanobacteria was part of a much larger algae bloom that affected much of the Gulf of Finland. Photo: NASA Earth Observatory

Because of the whirlpool, microscopic creatures were trapped, created by two colliding opposing currents. Note that ocean currents often carry away algae, creating incredible seascapes, but it is extremely rare to see such perfectly formed spirals.

The researchers note that algae bloom naturally in the area each summer when vertical mixing of the ocean brings large quantities of nutrients to the surface.

However, in recent decades, these blooms have increased dramatically in size and frequency as additional nutrients have been introduced into the water by human activity.

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The study results show that between 2003 and 2020, the average size of algal blooms worldwide increased by 13%. Although algae blooms may look impressive from space, they are very dangerous, according to the Woods Holes Oceanographic Institution.

As a result of the bloom, the amount of oxygen in the lower waters decreases, which forms a kind of “death zone.”

Scientists’ data shows that during the formation of this spiral in 2018, the “dead zone” in the Gulf of Finland was an incredible 70,000 kilometers. Alas, dead zones are not only getting larger, but also becoming more deadly.

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