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Giant 14ft transparent alien spotted walking down river in Bolivia

A few days ago, a photo of a long-legged, skinny humanoid creature walking along a river bank began to circulate widely on social media in Bolivia.

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In the foreground of the photograph and sideways to the creature is a man who apparently does not know that an extremely strange life form is on the other side.

The mystery being was snapped by ufologist Javier Carlos Cordero said: “It looks like a transparent being with long limbs, typical of a grey being. But we must determine the veracity of it.”

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It is reported that the photo was taken near the Pilcomayo River in the Bolivian department of Tarija.

Many netizens in the comments also expressed their dissatisfaction, believing that the picture is an obvious fake. Their distrust was also caused by the translucent figure of the creature, as well as the fact that it is not reflected in the river.

However, the creature does not walk along the very edge of the shore in order to be reflected in the water, and maybe it has something like a disguise on it, which makes its figure translucent.

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You also need to know that the Tarija region in Bolivia is considered almost the main UFO point of the country.

In May 1978, hundreds of people around the Bolivian-Argentine border claimed to have seen a spaceship downed in Mecoya.

The unsolved mystery is described by some as South America’s “most credible UFO crash incident”.

And even the US military took interest in the cylindrical-shaped object which smashed into a mountainside.

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Corporal Natalio Farfan Ruiz of the Bolivian military said he thought “the end of the world was coming”, while others more than 100 miles away alleged that they heard a sonic-boom-like explosion.

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