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Ghosts In Tennessee: Everything Was Like A Nightmare

GhostI moved to Tennessee with my two children in 95′, to escape a stalker.

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I found a sweet little place in Tennessee City, with a tombstone in the front yard. On talking to my landlord, he told me my place was on holy land and a church used to be on the land. Until it burned to the ground mysteriously a few years back.

As for the tombstone, It belongs to a young man who only lived 18 years.

His family didn’t have the money to have a proper burial, so the church buried him on the holy land. When my landlord purchased the land he couldn’t have him removed, he was at rest he wouldn’t bother anyone. So we thought. I had lived there for about 5 months and nothing unusual happened, then my sisters came to visit us in October. At that point only little things went missing, I left that to me misplacing them. i.e. jewelry, toys, bills, keys… Normal things. But back to the visit, We all went out the night before and decided to stay in that night.

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We sat up for a while talking, blah, blah, blah. Allison went to bed first, she slept in my daughters room. That was at about 9pm. Wendy and I sat up for maybe an hour and I went to bed, Wendy said she was going to stay up and watch TV. I went to my room at the end of the hall and got into bed, it seemed as though I fell asleep when my head hit the pillow.

But soon I awoke to pressure on my chest like someone was sitting on top of me, but no one was in the room. I was still foggy in the head and I felt someone put their hand on my whole jaw as if holding me up to look at me.

I felt my whole body shift and as if I was being dragged by my jaw towards the foot of the bed. I remember how painful the grip was and at the foot of my bed I was dropped to the floor. So my butt is on my bed and my face is on the floor. I got the hell out of my room and ran to the living room where Wendy was, she asked me what my problem was?

I couldn’t answer her, I could not get a word out, I just sat there trying to figure out what just happened. When I gained my wits I told Wendy what had just happened, she said it was only a dream Angie. Just hearing her say it was a dream made me calm down a bit.

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Then Allison came out to the living room telling Wendy and I we were not funny and to stop it. She could not have heard our conversation, I thought to myself. So Wendy said to her, What the hell are you ranting about? Allison was a little mad at this point, she said: “One of you A****** is peeking in the bedroom door at me!” We had been on the couch.

I just sat there for a minute, I could not shake the feeling of fear.

Wendy told her we didn’t do anything like that, we have been sitting here on the couch. Then I saw the fear in Allison’s face. She said it wasn’t you guys?

I told her what just happened to me and she just about turned white. She came and sat on the couch with Wendy and me, she said ‘Oh my god you guys someone was looking at me through the door. She said she woke up to see an eye looking in the crack of the door at her. She said she knew someone was there, she saw the figure from the light coming down the hall. There was nobody home but the three of us.

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Needless to say, we slept in the living room together for the next couple of nights. Everything was like a nightmare. After a couple days we moved from there.


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