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Ghostly figure filmed on video in the house of a resident of Illinois

GhostVeronica Shannon from the city of Morris, Illinois, claims that real hell has settled in her house.

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According to the woman, she suddenly began to notice in her home a pale human figure, appearing in the dark and dissolving every time in the air, like smoke.

Frightened by such cohabitation, the American decided to call to the local “ghost hunters”, and they probably managed to obtain documentary evidence of the presence of a guest from the other world.

Having installed several cameras in the house, the experts captured the supposed phantom that appears behind one of the specialists when he left Veronica’s bedroom.

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To everyone’s surprise, the whitish, anthropomorphic silhouette for some time remains near the door and again “meets” a man when he returns.

Despite the fact that the specialist did not see the anomaly with his own eyes, it is perfectly captured the video below.

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