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‘Ghostly female figure’ spotted floating off UK coast

In the UK, a ghostly figure has been observed floating in the air and shrouded in mist.

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According to an eyewitness, ghostly figure hovered over the water near Cleethorpes Beach, Grimsby, reports

In the midst of heavy fog on Thursday evening (May 11), a ghostly apparition has been spotted off of a UK coast, leaving one woman “absolutely stunned” by the appearance of a seemingly spooky vision.

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The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, claims that the figure looked like a “ghostly female figure” floating above the water in the distance.

“I spotted this strange looking white figure floating round on the beach on Thursday evening. I was absolutely stunned so I quickly took a couple of photos and hopped into my car.

“The gloomy and foggy nature of the evening just made it even stranger.”

It is reported that this is not the first time that ghostly figures have appeared in the UK. Such phenomena have long been of interest in the scientific community, however, so far no reasonable explanation has been provided for such phenomena.

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