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Ghost woman with a scary face was caught on a camera in a truck

On the night of March 31, 2024, a truck driver was traveling along the highway to Saltillo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, unaware that a ghostly presence occupied the passenger seat beside him.

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During the journey, the driver received a call from his transportation company, asking whom he was giving a ride to. Dismissing it as a joke, he ignored the question.

However, upon arriving at the company base, he was shown a chilling photo taken by a surveillance camera inside the truck. The image revealed a female figure with an eerie, unnatural face seated next to him. The woman’s dress appeared to be from the late 19th century.

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The company employees questioned the driver, highlighting that their rules strictly prohibited giving rides to hitchhikers or strangers.

Surprised and swearing that no one had been in the cab, the driver insisted he had not picked anyone up. This led to the conclusion that he had been accompanied by a ghost.

The duration of the ghost’s presence is unclear; only the single photo and a video of the driver’s conversation from the WhatsApp group of Monterrey express transport line workers circulated on social media.

The video and photos went viral locally, sparking debates. Some believed it to be an elaborate prank with an actress or a painted doll, while others were convinced of the ghostly hitchhiker’s authenticity.

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They even recalled an urban legend from the 1980s about “Dead Santillo,” a ghostly woman who would ask for rides to a nearby ranch.

According to the legend, drivers would drop her off, only to have her disappear, with the ranch owner explaining that the woman matched the description of his daughter, who had been killed on that highway years ago.

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