Ghost or shadow person sparks chaos at Zengeza primary school

A mystical incident recently occurred at Mberi Primary School, Zengeza Community, Zimbabwe. In the classroom, right during lessons, we saw a ghostly shadow figure behind a classroom desk.

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According to local news site H-Metro, it happened during a 4th grade lesson. Behind one of the desks a shadowy silhouette suddenly appeared, the figure resembling a woman.

This ghost, or whatever it was, was immediately noticed by both the students and the teacher, and they were all terribly scared, immediately running in panic from the office.

They were so terrified that there was a stampede at the door, in which one of the girls was almost crushed. Fortunately, she did not suffer any serious injuries.

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The students who jumped out immediately hurried to tell everyone they met about what they had seen, so that soon the whole district knew about it. The school was surrounded by a crowd of people, including parents of students. Some of them were alarmed and aggressive, and one was even arrested by the police.

“Something scared our children at school. They saw a shadow-like silhouette in the shape of a woman at the table, which forced the students and teacher to run out of the class. And when other students and teachers entered this class, there was nothing there anymore “, says one of the parents.

He added that they suspect that one of the school employees is interested in Satanism, which is why a ghost or demon appeared in the class.

Education officials said they were investigating the case, including one named Kureva who arrived at the school and inspected it just before journalists visited.

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Journalists tried to ask him questions about the incident, but the answer was meager. “I am not in a position to comment on this, it is better for you to consult with the Ministry later, after we have prepared the report.”

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