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Ghost girl

Ghost of drowned girl spotted floating close to her memorial

Ghost girlDuring their visit to a haunted coal mine in England, paranormal investigators Linzi and Lee Steer filmed (see video below) something that could be the ghost of a girl who died in a mining accident, reports and

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The incident happened in 1838, when 26 children working at Huskar Pit drowned after the mine was flooded. The Steers went to the site to livestream their investigation and did not notice anything unusual until they watched the footage later.

A viewer who had followed their livestream pointed out a strange anomaly that appeared as they walked near a tree with a plaque for the victims.

The anomaly looked like a small figure in a white dress, floating above the ground and showing a face with eyes and a mouth.

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“It looks like a little girl standing there,” Linzi said, “She looks like she’s got a little white dress and I can see a little face. mouth and two eyes. It looks like she’s elevated off the floor and she’s got bare feet.”

Linzi was convinced that the figure was “100 per cent a spirit child” and said that it was lucky that they had filmed it live, otherwise people would think that they had edited it. “It’s amazing,” she said.

However, some people might argue that the figure was just an optical illusion caused by light and shadow.

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