Ghost-like figure shows up on New Mexico police station

Possible-Ghost-Caught-On-Camera-At-A-Police-StationOn Saturday Police Officer Karl Romero was keeping an eye on surveillance cameras over the station when he noticed something in the sally port. A sally port is a controlled entrance or passage in a fortified place.

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Romero said what he saw looked like a ghost walking across the lot, right through cages and a gate.

He reported it to his managers.

Detectives said there is absolutely no way in or out of the protected area without the gates opening and an alarm system sounding. Police said they hear strange noises and see unexplained images in the lobby of the building, too.

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Action 7 News asked Detective Solomon Romero if he thought the image was a ghost.

“I do believe in ghosts — I don’t know (what exactly was on the video), but we’ve had some unsolved murders in the area,” Romero said.

Law enforcement said as far as they know the building isn’t on a burial ground and no inmates have ever died at the police station.

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