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Quaker Cemetery

Ghost hunter calls 911 after hearing cries for help at cemetery

Quaker CemeteryUpon hearing a cry for help at a Pennsylvania cemetery a paranormal investigator called the emergency services, reports

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The strange incident, which took place just before 10 a.m. on Wednesday, occurred after the paranormal investigator, whose name was not revealed called the police after hearing what he identified as the voice of a woman calling to him in Evergreen Cemetery, Springhill Township.

He remained confident during the 911 call that the speech, which had emerged from a pile of dirt inside a cemetery shed, had screamed “help, help, I’m buried alive!”

He reportedly bought a shovel and started digging next to the shed in an attempt to reach her, unwilling to wait until police had arrived on the scene.

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Though, when Trooper Johnathon M. Mosier got there, there was no sign of a woman anywhere.

“No female was located and troopers cleared the scene,” he said in the incident report.

As things stand, the origins of the voice that the man had heard remains a total mystery.

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