Getting Your Chakras Fully Functioning: A Basic Outline

ChakrasA chakra is a center of energy within the body. Every human has seven different chakras that work together to keep you happy and healthy. When these chakras are not functioning to the best of their ability, you experience a multitude of negative symptoms.

You may find yourself physically and mentally ill on a regular basis if any of your chakras are neglected. By activating each of them, which requires a variety of techniques, you are able to restore your own health and ensure that you are functioning the best that you are able.


Each energy center corresponds to a different area of your body. Starting from the bottom of your body and moving up, you have:


Located at the base of your spine; it is responsible for governing your potential, groundedness, and survival instincts.


Located in your lower abdomen; this chakra represents procreation, the ability to reproduce, freedom, and sensuality.


Located in your upper abdomen; this energy center governs your digestion, sense of anxiety, self-esteem, and self-worth.


Located right above your heart; the heart chakra is responsible for all things related to love, acceptance, and your ability to form and retain relationships.


Located at, you guessed it, the throat; it determines your skills at effective communication and expression of all that is creative.


Located at the center of the forehead; this area is responsible for your intuition, ability to think clearly, and your sense of imagination.


Located at the top of the head; this chakra dictates your awareness of your own consciousness and full realization that results in the purest form of bliss.



Imagine yourself growing roots that extend and connect to the earth; you are now attached to Mother Nature. The healing of this chakra can be summed up in the phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

No matter what life throws your way, make the best out of it. Remember that you are still here, with your feet on the ground, and that it is all a matter of perspective.


Those who feel an imbalance in this chakra are often filled with an intense sense of obligation to their families. This results in neglect of their own feelings of sensuality and well-being.

Take some time for yourself and let go. Quit convincing yourself you do not deserve personal fulfillment!


Make a goal of standing up for yourself and your beliefs more frequently. You are a worthwhile human being and just like everyone else, you deserve to be listened to.

Banish those negative thoughts about where you stand in relation to others. You are you, and you are as worthy of consideration and understanding as that which you give to those around you.


Work to love yourself as this will allow you to love others better. You must first appreciate yourself for who you are if you expect to improve your relationships with the people you know. What holds you back? Jealousy? Shame? Fear of betrayal?

All of these are legitimate concerns but what purpose do they serve you in the long run, other than to hold you back? Aim for unconditional love! Love those who cannot love themselves or others because they are the ones who need that light in their lives the most!


Speak when you fear revealing your feelings the most. Do not hesitate to communicate your fears and desires. Embrace hobbies that bring out the creativity in you.

Everyone has the potential to communicate and express themselves openly, but it takes that initial dive to prove to yourself that you’ve got it in you.


Believe in yourself first and foremost. Do spiritual exercises that help you with your sense of intuition. You are capable of making decisions without help from outside sources if you but work to follow your own will.

Practice recognizing truth from delusion and relying on your intuition before traveling down the path of over-analysis and needless worrying.


Look within yourself to tap into the spiritual gold mine that is you! Your soul contains a wealth of knowledge that lies unused when you are so concerned with the stresses of daily living. Take some time to meditate; seek out guidance from psychics and gurus! You have the ability to become one with the universe – to feel and know the inner peace that follows becoming whole.


The aforementioned methods are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to activating your chakras. If you feel completely lost, please make an effort to seek out the services of someone who is well-versed in energy work and chakra healing.

Each chakra is associated with different colors and crystals. Those who have experience with using crystals to heal are very effective at restoring your chakras to working order. Using the complementary color of whichever chakra you are trying to heal can also help a great deal.

The daily affirmations outlined above are a good way to start but sometimes your chakras are so imbalanced that it is worth your time to look to guidance from those more experienced!

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