From a secret underground base in Antarctica something alive has escaped

Google Earth photographs show a potential entrance leading to an underground secret base on Antarctica’s King George Island, reports

While reviewing the timeline at that particular location, the following stands out:

Year 2005-something appears to break out of the snow/ice wall.

Year 2007-A huge 75x 75-meter cave or entrance has appeared and it seems that something has slipped into the ocean.

Year 2019-Snow and ice again cover the cave or entrance.

The 2005 image clearly shows that something has pushed with enormous force from inside the cave, resulting in a huge 75x 75 meter opening.

The 2007 photo not only shows some kind of path emerging from the cave leading to the ocean, but it also shows a curious object floating in the ocean just in front of the cave about 14 meters wide. pic.

The 2019 image shows that all is again covered with snow and ice.

Antarctica has many mysteries linked to the phenomenon of UFOs and aliens, is it possible that the massive hole leads to a secret base built into a giant ice-cave and something alive has broken out?

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