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Free will or destiny

Free Will or Destiny? What Guides Your Life?

Free will or destinyAre you the master of your own fate, or are you a slave to fate? That’s been a question man has been asking himself since he first became cognizant of his own existence. My question is– why does it have to be one or the other? Couldn’t both co-exist?

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It can be very difficult – especially for a spiritual person– to accept that life, the universe and everything are just the results of a kazillion years of random, meaningless occurrences.

Many of us have had experiences that are all too meaningful to think they were not contrived. Tell a person who got a bad feeling and changed his flight that it was just a coincidence he wasn’t on the plane that burned and crashed.

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Tell the mother who dreamed of the birth of her child before it happened that she was just dreaming. If you’ve ever had a good psychic reading that foretold you of events to come, you’ll find it impossible to believe in the idea that everything that happens is an accident, that it’s all coincidence and not contrived. How can this possibly be, if nothing is determined?

Free Will

At the same time, it’s easy to understand why some people believe in free will. Think about how much our choices—any actions (or inactions!)—guide our lives. Most of the time, we can trace things that happen to us back to a choice we made at some point.

If there were no free will, there would be no point in ever trying, would there? We could just sit back and let the chips fall where they may; and we wouldn’t have to take any personal responsibility for any outcomes. But the fact is, people who are responsible and smart, who plan well for their goals and their future, will usually succeed at most things.

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People who blow off responsibilities, who don’t make smart choices, will usually end up suffering for their mistakes. We can’t deny that we have a hand in how things turn out from us.

How the Work Together

Everyone does have a destiny. We’re all born for a purpose, and there are lessons and experiences we are meant to have in this lifetime. However, we also have the right and the responsibility of choice—we get to decide if we are going to do things to pursue our destiny, or move further away from it.

Yes, you can create your own destiny. Let’s face it; life can be hard, and some of us are here to learn some hard lessons, or do some difficult things. You can certainly opt out—you can take an easy road (or at least a road that seems easier at the time). You can even change your destiny with your free will.

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However, finding and living up to your destiny is ultimately the most fulfilling experience we can have. When you achieve your destiny, you experience spiritual growth. This moves you on to the next level in your cycle of incarnations and is well worth the effort.

Shying away from destiny comes at a cost—it keeps us spiritually stagnant, and we end up stuck in a rut—having to live through things over and over until we achieve what we need to do to move on.

Follow the Signs

Anyone who pays attention to their inner selves and to the universe will tell you that there are signs everywhere. The universe is constantly revealing our options to you: giving us warnings, leading the way to your destiny. At least, it does so for those willing to listen.

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Make wise decisions—using faith and listening to those inner voices—to help you along the way. Remember, whether you achieve it or not, is your choice.

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