Fragments of an alien object may be on the ocean floor

Renowned astrophysicist and cosmologist, Harvard University professor Avi Loeb is currently organizing expeditions to the Pacific Ocean north of Australia. The professor expects that on the ocean floor, among other things, there are fragments of an alien object.

Loeb believes that this object at least flew to our planet not just from space, but from outside the solar system. At first, the professor says, everyone mistook it for a meteorite that collapsed in the lower layers of the earth’s atmosphere. It happened eight years ago, in 2014.

The professor is going to look for debris in the area of ​​​​the small island of Manus, 160 km north of New Guinea.

The fact is that after the fall of an unearthly body on our planet, the fragment began to be carefully studied. In particular, the trajectory is still a rigid body. It turned out that the body is many times denser than iron and other rocks that are part of ordinary meteorites that constantly surround us.

As a result, in the expedition, which starts in March-April next year, Loeb and he’s colleagues plan to study in detail a section of the ocean floor with an area of ​​15 square kilometers using a magnet. So far, 1.5 million US dollars have been found, but this, of course, is not enough.

Last summer the professor founded the Galileo project, one of the tasks of which was the systematic search for evidence of the presence of alien technoartifacts on Earth. Loeb is one of those optimists who believe that aliens (intelligent) at least once existed in our universe.

However, the professor does not think that we will ever be able to establish contact with aliens. Most likely, someday we will meet a maximum of a drone that was sent into space in the distant past by already extinct civilizations.

The reason for the scientist’s faith was the discovery of O’umuamua, the same space cigar that came from interstellar space and swept through the solar system in the fall of 2017. The professor is sure that this is not a comet or an asteroid, but a full-fledged alien spacecraft.

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