Found new evidence of the presence of water on Mars

A team of international scientists from China, Canada and Germany have found new evidence for the existence of water and wind on Mars using the Zhurong rover. The results of the study are published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Zhurong arrived on Mars back in May 2021. Since that time, he managed to travel 450 meters in the region of the Utopia plain in the northern hemisphere of the planet in 60 Martian days. Experts suggest that this place was previously filled with water.

The data from the rover’s cameras showed that the part of the plain that the rover traveled over was fairly flat and had few rocks.

Soil analysis from this area revealed the same indicators as in other parts of the planet. However, the resulting footage showed small chiselled lines on the rocks, which were presumably formed by the impact of the wind.

In some rocks, scientists also found traces of water erosion.

In photos from the rover, experts noticed ripples on the surface of Mars, which resembled sand dunes on Earth.

Apparently, they were formed due to the wind. Researchers believe that, most likely, wind no longer exists on this planet. But these are only assumptions.

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