Former US Navy officer: I saw two-mile-wide UFO over base

Lee Adams, who once worked in Virginia’s USS Nimitz, recalls observing a huge object over a base, reports

During the famous’ Tic-Tac’ UFO case, the former U.S. Navy officer who worked on board the vessel from 2012-2015 was not present, but does have a fascinating UFO story of his own to tell.

Speaking in an interview with Mike and Maurice’s Mind Escape podcast, Adams recalled the encounter at Virginia Beach with a mysterious object.

“I look up and it’s like a giant trash bag floating over the base,” he said. “If you could imagine a trash bag that’s two miles in diameter floating, translucent.”

“It was doing that – I could see parts of it but at the same time parts of it were gone.”

“It was shimmering in the sky, two miles in diameter.”

Describing the abnormal object as a “sky jellyfish” Adams noted that he and his fellow pilots were also witnessing another aircraft that had just moments before appeared over the base.

“I think that the government knows about it – why would it be right next to a military base?” he said. “The military would know – there’s something there, it landed outside the base behind the trees.”

“You can’t disprove it, credible people have seen that.”

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Jake Carter

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