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Former NOAA Head Claims Contact with Non-Human Intelligence

Retired Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, a former head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has recently advocated for increased transparency regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

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In a notable interview with NewsNation, Gallaudet, a respected figure with a distinguished career, suggested that the government has had encounters with “non-human intelligence.”

“This technology, we’re still trying to learn about and it could give us an advantage in any military conflict,” Gallaudet stated.

He elaborated on the strategic reasons for withholding specific details about this technology, emphasizing its potential military significance. However, Gallaudet also expressed his belief that it is time to disclose the interactions with non-human intelligence to the public.

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During the same interview, Gallaudet recalled an incident from his tenure in the Navy, which he now perceives as a potential cover-up.

“One of my jobs in the Navy, I was the chief meteorologist of the Navy at the time when Orion was encountering the UAP off the U.S.East Coast,” he said.

He shared that these encounters happened in training airspace and posed safety risks, including near mid-air collisions, yet were not adequately addressed by the Navy.

Gallaudet revealed that an email related to the UAP sighting was removed from his computer on a secure network, further hinting at efforts to obscure such incidents.

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Additionally, Gallaudet expressed support for the claims made by David Grusch, a former intelligence official who has come forward with allegations of secret UFO retrieval programs.

Grusch, in his recent interview with NewsNation’s Elizabeth Vargas, indicated he has received additional clearance to share “firsthand” knowledge related to the UFO/UAP transparency movement.

“I will be discussing what I actually do know firsthand,” Grusch stated, acknowledging previous limitations on his ability to disclose information due to Pentagon and Intelligence Community (IC) constraints.

The statements by Gallaudet and Grusch add significant weight to the ongoing conversation about UFOs and UAPs, suggesting a deeper complexity and potential governmental involvement.

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Their call for transparency reflects a growing desire among both officials and the public to understand these mysterious encounters and their implications.

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