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Former NASA engineer has invented a new space engine

The co-founder of the American company Exodus Propulsion Technologies, Charles Buhler, claims that he has made a breakthrough, having stumbled upon a completely new force of nature that can power space engines that do not require fuel to operate, reports Futurism.

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Charles Buhler is a former NASA engineer and has worked on many US space agency projects including the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope. Buehler said the new discovery could mark a major turning point in humanity’s quest to explore space.

Buhler made several very important statements, which, most likely, will still be carefully checked by scientists and it is unknown whether his words will be confirmed.

A former NASA engineer says there are rules that require conservation of energy, but if they are followed correctly, it is possible to create completely different forces that humanity has never created. Buhler argues that these are the forces that humans will use to propel objects over the next 1,000 years.

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Buhler and his team recently presented the results of their developments at the Alternative Energy Conference, which in the United States is considered by some scientists to be a very unusual “anti-gravity club.”

According to the developers, the new engine uses electrostatics to create Buhler’s “new force”, although it is not the most powerful engine, producing only 10 millinewtons of force.

For comparison, to hold an object weighing approximately 100 grams in the palm of one’s hand, people need to apply a force of 1 Newton, that is, 100 times greater. But Buhler argues that “the magnitude is not really important, since anything above zero will work in space.”

According to a former NASA employee, propulsion materials consist of many types of charge carrier coatings that must be supported on a dielectric film. The goal of scientists is to create materials that are as light as possible, although this is difficult, because films and their coatings must have high dielectric strength.

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“It’s very hard to reconcile, from a scientific point of view because it does seem to violate a lot of energy laws that we have,” Buhler told APEC cofounder and moderator Tim Ventura, adding that “we’re hoping to do some demos” in space.

Considering that we are talking about a completely new type of engine, which has a very tense connection with the known laws of physics, perhaps Bühler’s statements should be treated with a grain of salt. Although expert assessments should put an end to this issue.

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