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Former DJ’s mysterious death in a haunted room sparks ghost rumours

A former DJ who was famous for his charming voice was found dead in his rented room, which had a history of two previous deaths, reports

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He left behind a diary and wall writings that revealed his torment from ghosts and illnesses. Neighbours did not notice his death until a foul smell alerted the rescuers.

The incident happened on June 4, when the Sawang Phon Kuson Rayong Rescue Foundation, local authorities, and police officers from Muang Rayong Police Station went to investigate a stench coming from a room in Rayong province.

There, they discovered the body of Chaiya Yam, 77 years old, who used to be a popular DJ known as Yam.

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The neighbours said they had not seen him for 3-5 days and assumed he was busy or travelling. They described him as a polite, eloquent, and well-read person who kept to himself most of the time. They were shocked to learn about his death and the messages he left behind.

In his diary, Yam wrote about his suffering from multiple illnesses and paranormal disturbances that made him unable to take care of himself.

He also wrote about the ghosts that haunted his room every night and how no one believed him when he told them. He said he did not know what to do and that he was extremely tormented by the spirits.

The diary entry read: “There are ghosts in this room every night. The temple where I am staying is powerful. I don’t know if they want me to make some merits for them. They come to torment me, my karma. No one believes me when I tell them. They think I am ridiculous. I don’t know what to do. I am extremely tormented. They are everywhere, day and night, interfering with everything. I will die a nervous wreck.”

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On the wall of his room, Yam also wrote some messages urging people not to create bad karma for themselves and to care for each other. He said people renting the room should live in peace and get along as neighbours, calling each other siblings and not doing bad deeds.

One of the police officers who read the messages aloud revealed that the room had been the site of two other deaths before Yam’s.

The first person had hanged themselves, the second died of unknown causes, and the third was Yam, who had suffered from ghostly harassment until his death, according to Sanook.

The authorities sent Yam’s body to Rayong Hospital for further investigation into the cause of death. They also contacted his relatives to inform them of the tragic news.

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The mysterious death of Yam has sparked rumours of ghosts and curses among the locals, who wonder if there is something sinister behind the haunted room’s dark history.

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