Former Air Force medic: there are extraterrestrial labs all over the world

Emery SmithEmery Smith, former Air Force field medic, is changing the course of UFO history. He claims to have autopsied about 3,000 different types of ET humanoids.

In 1990, after going through junior military programs in high school, Emery became active duty in the USAF, stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. He went on to Kirtland AFB in New Mexico, where he worked on and off-base at UNM Hospital as a surgical assist and paramedic.

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He was also a HAZMAT instructor, EMT, terrorist negotiation coordinator, flight medic specialist, surgical technologist, expert marksman, chemical warfare specialist, biotech warfare specialist, and led DECON response units.

Some of his most interesting experiences came when he worked in underground compartmentalized laboratories, where he autopsied over 3,000 “alien” specimens, including approximately 1200 nearly intact bodies.

He said that he personally dealt with many aliens, claiming that these creatures come in our dimension as light and can change their shape and density with ease.

“The ships of extraterrestrials can also change their shape, even when the aliens are inside them. They can travel very fast and also disappear from other parts of the universe.”, in the video says Emery Smith.

“It seems as though these aliens have learned how to teleport and make their bodies light.”

The full interview with Emery Smith watch below:

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  2. This guy read way too many scify books.

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