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carnac stones

Forest of Stones: The Mysterious Carnac Stones of France

carnac stonesAnother fascinating place of wonder is the Carnac Stones located in Carnac, France and Brittany, France.

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The Carnac stones are a dense collection of many sites of megalithic stones with more than 3,000 prehistoric standing stones. It is the largest collection of megalithic stone structures in the world. Carnac is one of only three sites that can been seen from space. So it was definitely meant to be seen from the sky.

They date to around 3,300 BC which makes them 4,500 years old. Back in the times of the stone age.

There are three major types of stone rows – Menec, Kermario, and Kerlescan.

Carnac Stones

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The Menec alignments are 11 converging rows that stretch over 330 feet long and 3,800 feet wide. The largest stones are 13 feet high.

The Kermario alignments are said to be in a fan-like layout and consist of 1,029 stones in 10 columns that stretch 4,300 feet long.

The Kerlescan alignments are a smaller group of 555 stones with 13 lines or rows and stretch 2,600 feet long.

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There are also something called Dolmens that are structures probably meant to be tombs or burial chambers.

No one quite knows why this forest of standing stones were created and what the purpose of them were. That is still quite a mystery. The stones were actually cut and placed in the spots they stand. You can feel energy all around the site.

Carnac Stones

The entire collection of sites is highly charged with energy as many other megalithic stone sites are like Giza Pyramids, Nazca Lines of Peru, Machu Picchu, and Stonehenge. Is this a clue to their purpose?

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What has been found is that the rows of stones are aligned with the solstices and also something quite astonishing. They have found the site is in the shape of the Pythagorum theorem.

The Pythagorum theorem wasn’t discovered by the great mathematician Pythagoras until 2,000 years later. How did these ancient stone age people know about this theorem?

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