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Forest camera filmed “witches” eating a decomposing animal corpse

A woman and her grandfather from Powell River, Canada, were checking a camera in the woods and saw photos of strange half-naked women who appeared to be eating the raw flesh of a dead deer.

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In the woods near the home of 36-year-old Corinea Stanhope, a so-called hunting camera is installed, which photographs animals passing by.

But when woman checked the pictures taken by the camera, she was shocked by what she saw. There were two almost naked women who seemed to be performing some kind of satanic ritual with eating the flesh of a decaying deer carcass.

“I don’t know what the hell was going on there. But the sight really shocked me, you don’t see that every day.”

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According to Stanhope, she recently rode a horse in the forest and saw the fresh carcass of a dead deer. She decided to put a hunting camera next to deer to see what animals would come to feast on the carcass at night.

“My grandfather and I set up a security camera to see if we could see the animals, and we soon got a picture of a lynx, which was pretty cool.”

But the next day, when Stanhope’s grandfather went to check the camera shots again, he saw there were not animals at all and called his granddaughter to look at unusual photos.

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Taken just after sunset, these eerie images show two disheveled women with long black hair covering their faces squat over a dead deer and appear to be eating its remains. The scene looked like something out of a cheap horror movie.

“It’s hard to say exactly what they’re doing, but one photo shows them holding a deer’s hoof close to their mouth.”

Stanhope says she’s not sure if the hoof was kissed, sniffed, or eaten in an “animal witch ritual,” but she was nauseated by the sight, given the amount of bacteria that could be on the decomposing carcass.

The woman was very scared, given that these photos were taken literally two minutes walk from her house.

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“I was worried that they might come to my horses at night. The horses were always scared and nervous in this place. At first I thought it was something far-fetched, but now maybe I believe them.”

When Stanhope posted these photos of the story on social media, users began to speculate about who these two “witches” could be. Someone wrote about satanists, someone about demons, Indian spirits or even wendigo.

Another user wrote that in this city of Powell River there are rumors about some kind of religious cult that collects animal bones. In particular, someone stumbled upon suspicious people in the forest who, for some unknown reason, collected dead squirrels.

Maybe it’s not in vain that they say that it’s better not to go into the forest at night.

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