Flying Humanoid Figure Filmed In The Sky Over Maryhill In Glasgow, Scotland

Lynsey Currie and her boyfriend filmed this strange object above his flat and at first they thought it could be a weather balloon but given the odd shape of this object, it looks like no weather balloon we have seen.

One thing is sure that this is a UFO as it is flying over this area in Glasgow but the object seems to be “Humanoid” in appearance as we can see a head, arms and legs which are attached to a body.

Lynsey Currie also added, “it was flying across the sky going from the northwest of Glasgow towards the southwest.”

Now we love a bit of potential UFO spotting but even we can’t work out what this could be.

Our instinct is to say it’s either a person in Christmas tree suit or a person on out of control hoverboard – or maybe some extra terrestrial beings stopped by to see what’s happening at COP26 – stranger things have happened.

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Jake Carter

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