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Flying broom video goes viral on TikTok

A short video of what looks like a broomstick floating in the air has caused many to scratch their heads.

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A perplexing video uploaded a few days ago by a delivery driver named @theonenamedlucca on TikTok shows what looks like a straw broomstick hovering about 40 feet above the road.

Reminiscent of a typical witch’s broom, the unusual object appears to hang motionless and with no visible means of propulsion or support.

The driver even gets out of his car, showing that it isn’t just stuck to the windshield.

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Since then, he also stressed that the footage has not been edited or tampered with in any way.

So what exactly happens in the video – is the broom really floating in the air, or is it some kind of optical illusion? Alternatively, could this all be a clever hoax?

Either way, it’s certainly intriguing and the clip has been viewed over 8 million times.

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