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Florida congresswoman on UFO’s: “They are hiding something”

Republican Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna of Florida was a central figure in the recent UFO hearings, where three whistleblowers claimed the United States government knows a lot more than it’s admitting when it comes to unidentified aerial phenomena, now called UAPs.

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“It does appear and for what I’m saying, based on the stonewalling, that they are hiding something,” Rep. Luna told FOX 13.

That secrecy, she says is extremely problematic.

“If these are programs that are being set up without congressional oversight and are responsible for, you know, billions of dollars being lost, that could be going towards other things. I think that that’s something that absolutely is pertinent,” she said.

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Among the extraordinary claims made during Thursday’s hearing was that “non-human biologics” have been recovered from a crashed craft.

While Rep. Luna says she hasn’t seen a UAP herself, she says she has laid eyes on other evidence ripped straight from a science fiction movie.

“Based on the evidence that I have personally seen, the technology that exists is something that I don’t think any government has currently,” Rep. Luna said. “When I was at Eglin Air Force Base, I did see a photo and I also talked to the pilots of something that is definitely not created by our Department of Defense,” she added.

She says she’s working to get that photo declassified and a lot more.

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“It’s a huge national security issue, but also, too, it’s an issue of government transparency,” she said.

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