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Flights faster than the speed of light are possible

A new online toolkit will help physicists and engineers imagine how humanity can realize its dreams of faster-than- light travel in space.

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This set of tools was created by an international team of scientists from the American company Applied Physics, which also hopes to provide a reality check for warp drive concepts.

Our Milky Way galaxy has a diameter of 100 thousand light years and contains from 100 to 400 billion stars, as well as trillions of planets. This means that even at the speed of light (300,000 km/s) it takes 100 thousand years to cross the galaxy. But the space engines we have make it possible to leave even the solar system in about half a person’s lifetime.

That is, if humanity wants to become a spacefaring species, it is necessary to create something more advanced than chemical space engines and even nuclear engines. Such devices are warp engines, which have long been used in their stories by authors of science fiction books and films.

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Warp drives offer faster-than-light flight by placing the spacecraft in a warp bubble, an area of ​​curved space. Relative to the warp bubble, the spaceship is stationary, but the warp bubble itself moves. Thus, you can cross the galaxy in just a few hours.

Scientists have long been thinking about the possibility of creating such a technology that contradicts modern physics, and a new online toolkit will help scientists get closer to realizing the idea of ​​warp drive.

A group of scientists and engineers from Applied Physics announced that they have created an online toolkit for analyzing warp drive space-time called Warp Factory.

It is worth saying that last year a number of studies reported that the creation of warp engines, based on the idea of ​​​​warp bubbles bending space-time, is theoretically possible. Warp Factory provides an online platform for scientists to test warp drive ideas.

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Physicists can now create and improve a variety of warp drive designs with just a few clicks, according to Gianni Martire, CEO of Applied Physics. The new virtual research facility allows for the testing and evaluation of various warp drive designs. Therefore, fiction is gradually becoming closer to reality.

“Physicists can now generate and refine an array of warp drive designs with just a few clicks, allowing us to advance science at warp speed,” Gianni Martire, CEO of Applied Physics, said in a press statement.

“Warp Factory serves as a virtual wind tunnel, enabling us to test and evaluate different warp designs. Science fiction is now inching closer to science fact.”

The company is even setting aside $500,000 in potential grants for warp propulsion theorists. But the authors of the idea say that the main condition for receiving a grant is that physicists must propose the most realistic project that is close to the theory of relativity.

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Scientists believe that many obstacles will have to be overcome before a real working warp drive can be created, but this technology must be taken with the utmost seriousness. If people want to fly to other stars in a short time, they cannot do without this technology, which changes space-time.

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