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Astral travel

Five Steps to Learn How to Easily Achieve Astral Projection

Astral travelAstral projection is not difficult to achieve. Experts would say that everybody has the ability to perform astral travel. In fact, many believe that most people regularly engage in it throughout their lives.

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This article is a ‘how to’ guide for anyone interested in achieving astral projection.

Basics of Astral Travel: Choose the Right Time and Place

Early in the morning, soon after awaking, the mind is more conducive to astral travel. After a good nights sleep the body is more relaxed and there should be less distractions at this time.

In contrast to this; at the end of the day people are generally tired and more likely to fall asleep when they attempt to project.

Creating a Peaceful Environment is Essential for Astral Projection

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Turn off mobile phones, the internet, television etc. These can all get in the way of projection. Clear the mind of all distractions and become fully present.

Meditate to Prepare the Brain for Astral Projection

Meditation is an essential pre-requisite for an astral experience. It clears the mind and opens it up for new experiences.

The first stage of meditation is known as the gamma stage of relaxation. In this stage awareness is at its greatest. Beginners to meditation are advised to concentrate on the back of their head and concentrate on being totally in the present.

There are some great audio resources accessible online to aid in this process. Some audio tracks feature tones and pulses designed to guide the individual into the different stages of meditation.

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The goal is to achieve the deepest stage of relaxation — the theta stage — which occurs during very deep meditation. Getting beyond the alpha and the beta is achieved when brain waves become much slower.

When the mind is fully relaxed, it will reach the ‘hypnagogic stage’. The mind is still awake even though the body has gone to sleep. Senses start to numb and the meditating individual is likely to experience sleep paralysis.

Exit From the Physical Body and Enter the World of Astral Projection

The actual process of separating the mind from the physical body is known as exit. This happens when feelings become more energetic than physical. Time or distance does not matter during astral projections. Fixing the mind on the desired location will take it there.

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Exit is the hardest part of the process for beginners. Many beginners subconsciously fear the exit process, thereby preventing it from occurring successfully. When they learn to let the process flow they find it an exciting sensation.

How to Open The Mind to Astral Projection

Astral projection will not be an enjoyable experience unless all inhibitions are released. Holding onto fears inhibit enjoyment of the sensations astral projection can bring.

Most travelers believe the body is connected to the mind through a silver cord; others disagree. Regardless of whether or not this is true, return to the physical body always occurs after projection.

Re-entry will happen naturally and automatically. Do not try and second guess it or alter the process. Make the most of the astral realm, explore it and enjoy the experience while finding comfort in the knowledge return to the physical body will exactly when traveling is complete.

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Astral projection can be experienced by anyone. Few take the time to master it. If you are successful in your efforts; embrace it and explore all the planes you discover. It can be an amazing adventure!

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