Five Steps To Awaken Your Intuition

IntuitionImagine knowing the answers to your life questions. Imagine having the comfort in trusting your intuitive side. Imagine how much peace of mind you can acquire by developing your own intuition.

Ever had any of these feelings?

– Something tells me that I should/should not….

– My gut feeling says that….

– Somehow i just feel today is not the day…

– I really think we should postpone this…

That inexplicable inner voice, a “feeling” is your intuition trying to guide you.

Seek Truth Inside Yourself

Intuition is an inner knowing that comes from within, it’s like an inner compass When we look outside of ourselves for answers we give our power away. Over time this will destroy your confidence and suppress your autonomy. Developing your intuition helps you establish healthy self-esteem.

Developing your intuition is a healthy way to take charge of your life and use your own inner psychic powers to guide your life to greater happiness and fulfillment.

Here are five steps to awaken your intuition and activate your psychic abilities.

1. Create The Intention To Become Aware Of Your Intuition

Make it your intention to open up more to hearing your intuition. Tell yourself that you are intuitive and that you intend to hear this inner guidance from now on. You are getting intuitive information all the time, but you may not be aware of it. Just become aware of it and it will become more and more apparent.

2. Make A Habit Out of Quieting The Mind

You can pray, meditate or simply stand still without noise or distraction, can do wonders for your intuition. You’ll be amazed at the richness and joy you’ll experience as you tap into your inner world.

As relaxation spreads throughout your body, allow yourself to experience the love that you are, the truth of who you are. Begin by thanking God for your life and that which is in your life, then relax and ask that it be revealed to you the ways you can be of service to life and live a greater, more expanded and exalted life.

3. Synchronize The Two Sides Of The Brain

Building up pathways between the two hemispheres will help you achieve higher functioning of the brain. One way you can achieve this is to start doing things with your non-dominate hand, such as opening doors, brushing your hair or teeth, or even writing.

4. Sharpen Your Five Senses

Intuition is the sixth sense, but if your five senses are asleep, you can’t expect the sixth sense to be sharp. You can begin playing with your five senses by holding an object and look at it until you can see it with your eyes closed. Then ask yourself what the object tastes like, what color is the taste, what does the object’s sound feel like?

Use your imagination. Then go to the next level and ask yourself questions such as: If this object could speak, what wisdom about my life would it tell me?

5. Keep A Journal

Journal and dialogue with your guardian angel, someone you love and trust who has passed over, and even God. Choose a regular time to meet. Following morning prayers or meditation is ideal. It usually takes about three pages to get pass the objections in your mind that keeps you from accessing your deeper nature.

You’ll feel the shift, and once you do, write a question, then write the answer. Don’t judge the answer as you write, just write down the words that come to you. This is a subtle process. Trust what comes. Later, go back and read what you wrote. You’ll be amazed at the wisdom that comes through your inner world.

Experiment by asking for answers and then begin looking for signs. Don’t question the signs, just act on the information you receive. This will make your intuition kick it up even more, when it knows you are paying attention.

These steps take time and practice. Be patient and loving with yourself. Tapping into your intuition comes in its own time, but comes only after you take the steps toward your own greater self.

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