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First football match on the moon can take place in 2035

According to researchers, the game will certainly be different from what we are used to seeing on our planet, reports

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The first ever football match on the surface of the moon could take place as early as the middle of the next decade. This conclusion was made by scientists from the British Institute of Engineering and Technology.

According to researchers’ forecasts, by 2035 mankind will have mastered the natural satellite of the Earth to such an extent that there should be no problems with organizing a sports match. Of course, the game will be different from what we are used to seeing on our planet.

Scientists have already formed the rules for playing football on the Moon and outlined how it will look like in general.

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According to them, the matches will be held on a five-on-five basis for four halves of 10 minutes each. The break between halves will be 20 minutes.

The arbitrators of the matches will be holograms, they will issue “yellow” and “red” cards to the players.

Instead of the usual football uniforms, players will have to “run” in special space suits equipped with a cooling function.

As for the arrangement of the playground, lasers will come in handy, they can turn the selected area on the moon into a flat surface.

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Also, the field, according to the plan, will be covered with a “special hermetic structure” so that the ball does not fly into outer space during the game.

Futurist Brian David Johnson sees nothing surprising in the somewhat premature development of the rules of the game.

“The lunar mission in 2025 will bring colonization of the moon one step closer, so it’s only a matter of time before we start thinking about transforming our hobbies and sports for the moon in the future,” he explained.

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