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Fighter pilots tried to shoot down a UFO: “It just swallowed the bullets”

Top gun fighter pilots have described how they tried to intercept and fire at unidentified flying objects (UFOs). They realized that their bullets and rockets were useless against the unknown technology, reports the Daily Star.

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According to the documentary, two fighter pilots who were trying to shoot down a UFO found that the alien invaders were indestructible.

One of them said that he released a whole “wall of fire” against the mysterious ship, which “usually destroys everything in its path.” But the UFO simply absorbed every missile fired at it, maneuvered better than an airplane, and then flew away, most likely undamaged.

Another pilot who tried to shoot down a UFO with a thermal targeting device in close combat at a distance of 8,000 miles found that all of his aircraft’s controls were “frozen”. They only started working again after the UFO disappeared.

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Astonishing stories of pilots engaging in dogfights with unidentified flying objects were featured in a new episode of the National Geographic documentary UFO: Investigating the Unknown, which aired May 23.

Former Iranian Air Force General Parviz Jafari described how he was lifted into the air in a Phantom F-4 aircraft to investigate a shiny diamond-shaped object hovering over Tehran in 1976.

“After the ship approached within 70 miles, it suddenly jumped 10 degrees to my right,” he said. “I was wondering what it was.”

When the object suddenly rushed towards him at speed, he decided to shoot it down and aimed a Sidewinder infrared-guided missile at it. But when he tried to shoot, his control panel just froze.

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“When that thing was gone, our radio worked again,” he said.

Confused air traffic controllers ordered him to return to base, and the origin of the mysterious aircraft was never established.

Four years later, Peruvian Air Force pilot Oscar Santa Maria Huertas was lifted into the air to take on board a silver light bulb-shaped aircraft seen over the La Jolla military base in a South American country.

He fired 64 30mm rounds from his Russian-made Sukhoi-22 fighter jet directly at him and hit him. Just one shot was enough to disable the device, but the volley had no effect on the UFO.

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“The cone-shaped wall of fire that I sent out usually destroys everything in its path,” he said.

Documentary director James Fox said, “He used all his firepower, but the object just swallowed his bullets.”

It pursued the object for 50 miles, but after performing maneuvers beyond the capabilities of any aircraft, it gave up.

Investigators said in the documentary that similar sightings are being reported by Air Forces around the world.

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