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Fighter jets chased UFOs travelling at 15 times the speed of sound

Mysterious objects were seen in Brazil’s skies, 300 ft high and traveling at 11,500 mph. They were chased by fighter jets, which came to be known as the “Night of the UFOs”.

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Five pilots had testified seeing these 21 UFOs appear and vanish, and more so on the ground. Air Force Chiefs confirmed that there was “no explanation” for such an incident.

This incident is set to be part of a hearing in Brazil’s Senate about UFOs.


The event took place over several hours and was witnessed by hundreds of people, including the military, who had seen unexplained objects move at fast speeds.

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The fighter jets’ pilots saw objects that did not pop up on their radar and the objects seemed to play “cat and mouse” with them.

The first unusual reportings were seen by the Brazilian Air Force air traffic controller, Sergeant Sergio Mota da Silva, on the evening of May 19, 1986.

He saw a light shining from the sky from the airport’s control tower near Sao Paolo. He reported that it did not go up or down, but just stood mid-air.

Sergio asked the controllers at the international airport in Sao Paolo if they saw any planes headed toward his airfield but received a negative reply.

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He then dimmed the lights on the runway, forcing the objects to move towards the control tower. As soon as he turned up the brightness, the UFOs moved away.

Sergio was not sure if they were trying to interact with him, but all he knew was that they were intelligent beings.

Around 8 pm, 2000 cadets from the Air Force training school saw the same lights.

It was an hour later that an Embraer pilot saw and reported objects in the sky as soon as he landed at the same airport. The same lights were also observed on two passenger flights, which included one traveling in the interior of the country.

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The Air Force took action and scrambled its jets to intercept these objects, but it was not so simple as they themselves were disoriented by whatever was going on.

The pilots reported that they sometimes had visual contact with the said targets but their radars failed to register anything. The radars sometimes picked up the objects, but then the pilots could not see them.


Three planes were sent in the beginning, which included a Mirage F-103. It took off at around 11 pm piloted by Captain Armindo Sousa Viriato.

His high-performance jet hit 1,000 mph, but he failed to catch up as the UFO accelerated to speeds around 11,500mph or more.

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He reported that he had never heard of any such planes that could pick up such a speed.

An F-5E was deployed earlier to this, piloted by Lieutenant Kleber Caldas Marinho. He reported that the object stopped moving toward him and started to climb higher. He kept following his target till about 30,000 ft, after which he lost radar contact and was only left with visuals.

Brazilian UFO researcher Ademar José Gevaerd reported that he believes alien tech was much superior to theirs and it was on display that night.

These UFOs did not try to attack them but played “cat and mouse” with them.

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This incident was also observed from the ground as photographer Adenir Britto saw the objects and began to shoot.

He was amazed and reported that it was a unique experience in his career. He never saw anything like that. He did not care about UFOs till that fateful night and now has a different opinion. He believes that he had the privilege of photographing this incident and being an eyewitness.

Two Air Force officers alongwith James J. Hurtak, an American UFO researcher, turned up at the newspaper a month later and demanded the editor show them the negatives of the photos. They wanted those so that they could be analyzed by NASA but have never been there since.


This incident seeped out into the media and received great coverage.

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Brigadier Octávio Júlio Moreira Lima was forced to hold an unprecedented press conference where the pilots described what actually happened.

One said that he was warned by ground control that there were several contacts before him, around 30 km away. He was also warned that contacts were also approaching him from behind and when he dived, the contacts started to climb.

Ground controllers told another pilot that 13 flying objects were pursuing him, 6 on one side and 7 on the other.

Even though so many things took place, Octávio Moreira Lima had no explanations for it.

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An air report from 2009 about the “Night of the UFOs” reported that they were of the opinion that this incident was solid and reflected intelligence in a certain way. They deduced this by the UFO’s ability to follow them and maintain a safe distance from its observers, as well as to fly in a certain formation.

Gary Heseltine, Vice President of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research, had not given his evidence to the hearing but reported that the inquiry would cover the “Night of the UFOs”.

He found it impressive that this whole incident lasted for several hours from the first sightings and fighter jets were scrambled from various airports. He added that such a sighting was to be taken seriously, as it was backed by visuals and audio reports.

The fighter jets’ pilots were trained to the highest degrees and one must trust them with their lives to fight in a war, so why shouldn’t we trust them when they said that they had encountered these unidentified flying objects.

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By Mayukh Saha, source:

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