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FedEx pilots filmed UFO that followed their cargo plane for over half an hour

A pulsating “teardrop-shaped” object circled the FedEx plane as it flew near Monterrey – although it never showed up on the plane’s radar.

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The pilots reported that at some point, a “shiny, yellow-white plasma-like object” quickly descended from the sky to the plane’s flight altitude, and then shot a beam of light towards them. The sphere flew alongside the plane for over half an hour before disappearing with a flash of pinkish-violet light.

The video (see below) of the meeting was analyzed by experts from the National Aeronautical Anomaly Reporting Center (NARCAP), a non-profit organization that studies UFO sightings and works to develop safety protocols during such unexplained events.

The pilots did not give their names due to fears that for this they could be suspended from flights. However, NARCAP chief executive Ted Rowe has assured that their UFO story is credible – it comes from two seasoned pilots with nearly 30 years of experience in the US Air Force and the private sector.

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“We have a database dating back to 1916. It describes the four main types of UFO encounters — balls of light, spheres, cylinders and discs,” he said.

The NARCAP report describes the pilots as “competent pilots with extensive experience in observing and identifying aircraft, able to distinguish ordinary sightings and incidents from unusual ones.”

Their claims “are fully consistent with what pilots have been reporting for over 100 years.”

Flying in a Boeing 767, the first officer “thought it was a meteor and started talking about it when the UFO suddenly stopped at the same altitude as their plane.”

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The UFO then “sent a beam of bright white light onto their plane and appeared to be heading for a collision,” the report said.

This prompted the pilots to “prepare for collision avoidance.”

Instead of colliding with the plane, the UFO made a turn and “swept” alongside them at a distance of 1000 to 2000 feet (300 to 600 meters), reaching a speed of 575 mph (925 km / h) at 37000 feet (11277 km).

“I thought it was a shooting star, but then it stopped,” the pilot tells his colleague during the nearly five-minute video.

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“It looks like a sphere, man – look at this s***. It pulsates. It’s amazing! And it’s not on TCAS [radar],” one of them said.

“It’s **** hot … Oh man, look at this thing, man. It’s an unidentified flying object, brother, I can finally say I’ve seen it. It’s cool,” said the captain.

“Did you see it just fall out of the sky and stop?” he asked his co-pilot.

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“Yes. I thought it was a shooting star, and then it stopped,” the first officer replied.

Skeptical pilots speculated that the balloon could be a meteorological balloon – a meteorological research device commonly mistaken for an alien ship.

“The only meteorological balloon we have is near [inaudible], it’s 15,000 feet above ground level. This thing is above our height,” one said.

“We’ll lose him in the clouds, son of a bitch,” the captain said as they neared the end of their journey alongside the UFO. “40 miles from our left wing tip, where this thing seems to have disappeared, it’s bad weather. It had no strobes, no beacon, nothing.”

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  1. I saw something very similar around 2005…I was driving on the 605 freeway in S.California around 5pm and it was daylight. As I was driving something caught my attention out of the right side of my vision. I looked up and saw what I thought was a “shooting star” or “meteorite”…It was zooming across the sky “bright white”…as I watched it I excepted it to burn out as most do…suddenly it slowed down and then took a “right turn” and zoomed back up into the heavens and disappeared! I was stunned! I remember looking around as I was driving yelling..” what the fu**!! What was that????!! Very strange..I know it was no balloon or airplane. I’ve had other sightings since then…some with other members of my family …

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