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Deathbed visions

Famous neuropsychiatrist told what people see a few weeks before death

Deathbed visionsThe hidden side of near-death experiences may sound like science fiction, but it is not. There are testimonies from people who had near-death experiences and told about what they saw.

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The famous scientist claims that people who are on the verge of death see spiritual visitors.

In an interview, neuropsychiatrist Peter Fenwick, who studies the interaction of the mind and brain, described who comes at the end of life and when they come. Fenwick said that a few weeks before death, people see “visitors” who are not among us.

“These mysterious visitors, are relatives who come to you and do it in a certain way,” says Dr. Fenwick.

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“They can be outside the room you are dying in, or they can enter the room. You will, of course, talk to them, and then some of them will sit on the bed and talk to you. Why are they sitting on the bed? It’s just that you are very pleased when someone close is sitting by the bed. ”

“We take hundreds of deathbed visions and analyze them for content. We found that the most ordinary people who come are the closest relatives: the mother and father are usually visible, the deceased spouses are quite common. But we also found that they see their brothers and sisters. People you don’t know come very rarely. ”

Dr. Fenwick also argued that the so-called “visitors” in visions are indeed spiritual beings. He explained that they behave differently from relatives.

“They usually wait outside the hospital and look out the window, or they can walk up to the door and enter,” adds the neuropsychiatrist.

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Dr. Fenwick is well known for his research on near-death experiences and has collected hundreds of similar cases. Near-death events are a series of experiences told by those who are dying. In addition, he argued that his research in this area could show that the mind continues to exist even after the brain is dead.

Despite the fact that the scientific community does not recognize life after death, recently more and more scientists are beginning to believe in it.

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