Famous Malaysian metaphysicist makes 15 gloomy predictions for 2021

Anthony Cheng, a Malaysian metaphysician, shared his predictions for 2021. But they are not nearly as rosy as many would like.

1. The virus will not disappear and will continue to mutate, becoming more and more infectious. In this case, there will be no result from vaccines.

2. The epidemic will begin to spread among animals.

3. In 2021, cold wars and wars of a commercial nature will begin between the main states.

4. Because of the wars, large states will leave alliances, so international organizations will no longer have any influence.

5. A lot of people will be depressed, which will further aggravate their situation.

6. The gap between the rich and the poor will increase markedly.

7. Problems with terrorism may appear, massacres are possible.

8. Several serious plane crashes will happen.

9. In 2021, many large enterprises will close.

10. People will be able to find what they have lost and finally reveal some secret.

11. Next year we should expect an economic crisis.

12. Global warming will cause even more temperature rise.

13. The wind will increase and provoke a huge number of natural disasters.

14. There will be computer viruses that paralyze all computer systems in the world.

15. A revolution of mankind will happen, which will lead to a change in the world order and the laws existing today.

Whether these predictions will come true, no one knows. We can only wait and hope that this time Malaysian metaphysician was wrong.

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Jake Carter

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  1. Most of these are predictable without psychic abilities, based on ongoing wold events. One difference is that the pollution causing global warming has plunged significantly over the past year,due to quarantines, millions of businesses going under, and millions of people now working from home.

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