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Family claims a medium led them to their missing mother’s body

In the quiet town of Union Parish, a family’s anguished search for their missing mother has led to a startling resolution, thanks to the unlikely assistance of a psychic medium from Wisconsin, reports

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The case, which had stumped local authorities, took a dramatic turn when the daughters of Theresa Jones, a 56-year-old woman reported missing over a year ago, sought the help of Carolyn Clapper, a medium known for her work in locating missing persons.

The sisters, Ashley Deese and Brittany, were driven by desperation after exhaustive searches yielded no results. Their mother’s disappearance on February 2, 2023, had left a void in their lives and a trail that seemed to grow colder by the day.

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The local sheriff’s department had deployed a K9 unit without success, and the case was at a standstill until the sisters decided to explore avenues beyond traditional law enforcement.

Clapper, who offered her services without charge, provided detailed guidance over a phone call that led the sisters to a specific location in the woods. Her vivid description of the surroundings, including a pronounced log and a nearby creek, was eerily accurate.

Upon following these directions, the sisters made the grim discovery of their mother’s body, bringing a tragic but necessary closure to their year-long search.

“It’s like I envisioned what I had heard on the phone last night, that was the landmark, that was the log. So I immediately got ill, shaky, and sick, and started vomiting,” Ashley said.

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Ashley said Carolyn also described the position of her mothers body and the condition she was in.

“So there’s a woman deceased facedown in a creek, nude. All she had on was a top, no undergarments, nude. There was no rape kit, no scraping of the fingernails. I’m bothered by that,” Ashley said.

The discovery has raised questions about the methods used in the investigation and the potential for unconventional resources like psychic mediums in solving such cases.

The sheriff’s office is now facing scrutiny over the handling of the case, especially considering the medium’s precise and unexplained knowledge of the circumstances surrounding Theresa Jones’ final resting place.

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An autopsy report later confirmed details that aligned with Clapper’s description, further mystifying those following the case. The official cause of death was ruled as accidental drowning, with methamphetamine intoxication listed as a contributing factor. However, the family remains unconvinced, citing discrepancies and a lack of thoroughness in the investigation.

This incident has ignited a discussion on the intersection of paranormal abilities and investigative work, with many advocating for a more open-minded approach to such resources. While skeptics remain, the undeniable success in this case has provided a glimmer of hope for families in similar situations, suggesting that sometimes, the answers we seek may come from beyond the realm of conventional wisdom.

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