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Aliens signals

Extraterrestrials? Astronomers detect eight repeated signals from Space

Aliens signalsRecently, scientists received eight regular FRB bursts that drive them crazy for a long time. According to the Astrophysical Journal Letters, experts are already close to unraveling the anomaly.

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Earlier this year, scientists reported a regularly recurring burst of FRB 121102. Over time, information appeared on the signal FRB 180814. New bursts were caught by the Canadian CHIME radio telescope.

Scientists are slowly collecting statistics on at least 10 radio bursts. In the near future, they should help unravel the mystery of signals.

Phenomena look like peaks in radio waves that last several milliseconds. In an instant, they are able to discharge as much energy as 500 million Suns.

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Bursts cannot be predicted at all, they occur randomly at any time. And because it turned up for no obvious reason, some academics began speculating that the signal could’ve been a message from an alien civilization.

The work of experts has long been aimed at finding a source of radio pulses.

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