Extraterrestrial civilizations may make first contact with AI, not humans

A well-known astrophysicist and professor at Harvard University Avi Loeb admitted that representatives of other worlds will make their first contact not with people. Most likely, they will communicate with artificial intelligence.

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The scientist shared this hypothesis in a new documentary film “God Versus Aliens”, which will be released on screens in July 2023. Loeb suggested that aliens would send artificial intelligence drones to Earth rather than “manned” vehicles.

Loeb argued his point of view as follows: “I think that interstellar travel is best done using electronic gadgets and devices, and not with biological beings on board [spaceships], since the journey takes a lot of time.

“Even to get to the nearest star, with the current level of technology, people will need 50 thousand years. However, artificial intelligence systems have such time and patience – because they can remain dormant <…> in order to survive the journey.”

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According to the researcher, if representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations visit Earth, we will be able to “use our artificial intelligence systems to interpret their artificial intelligence systems.”

“If they visit us, of course, we can use our AI systems to interpret their AI systems. And, you know, they might feel a kinship to them.”

The film also examines the likely impact of alien ‘first contact’ on world religions. Shostak suggests that aliens might bring new gods with them – and that if they are more technologically advanced, people on Earth might worship the new alien gods.

God Versus Aliens is published by Nub TV on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku worldwide on July 14th.

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