Expansion of the Universe can occur due to merging with parallel universes

Scientists have proposed an unusual explanation for the ongoing accelerated expansion of the Universe. Physicists have formed a model based on the merger of the Universe with “baby universes” – smaller parallel universes.

Astronomers have long sought to understand the nature of the Universe, its size, age and structure. Edwin Hubble’s 1929 discovery of the expansion of the universe led to an important scientific breakthrough. However, questions about the infinity or finitude of the Universe have remained a subject of debate for centuries.

Recent observations of the cosmic microwave background confirm the accelerated expansion of the Universe, which, according to the standard model of cosmology, is due to the mysterious force of dark energy. However, many astrophysicists are skeptical of this concept and are looking for alternative explanations.

In December 2023, the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics published a paper entitled “Is the present acceleration of the Universe caused by merging with other universes?” Researchers, led by physicist Jan Ambjorn, suggest that the accelerated expansion of the Universe may be the result of continuous merging with parallel universes.

A mathematical model developed by the researchers offers an explanation for the expansion of space through merging with other universes, which we accept as an expansion process.

It is also proposed to consider the possibility that the rapid early expansion of a young universe may be a consequence of absorption by a larger universe, eliminating the need for a hypothetical inflaton field associated with cosmological inflation.

Researchers suggest that the Universe continues to collide with and absorb other “baby universes.” If this theory turns out to be correct, it could solve some of the cosmological problems scientists face.

However, confirmation of this model requires further observations and experiments, including studying the properties of the microwave background.

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