Ex-US intelligence officer reveals UFO details at secret meeting

At a meeting in a Manhattan penthouse, former US intelligence officer David Grush revealed surprising details about mysterious UFOs. The event was attended by representatives from the CIA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, as well as technology moguls and financial figures.

According to an anonymous participant who was able to take photographs of Grasch, the meeting was organized by Wall Street financiers. The event is described as a conversation in a narrow circle, which only adds to the mystery of this event.

Former Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch claims his sources worked on a 40-foot UAP that ‘was the size of a football field’ when they stepped inside, according to an attendee at the event.

The object could manipulate both space and time and use and could harness enough energy to power 70,000 homes a year, the source said.

It also became known that the purpose of the meeting was to gather a group of believers and skeptics to discuss the UFO data presented by Grash. According to the informant, many participants left the meeting convinced of the veracity of the intelligence officer’s story.

David Grusch spoke to scientists, former military officials and current FBI members about the US’s long-held UAP retrieval program, including a 40-foot-long UAP that ‘was the size of a football field’ when stepped inside

After Pear’s presentation, participants were given the opportunity to ask questions, but the content of those questions remains a secret. It is assumed that they concerned the appearance and origin of the aliens.

Since June 2023, David Grush has been making headlines. He then stated that the Vatican was aware of the existence of non-human intelligence, and how they helped the US recover a downed UFO at the end of World War II.

Grash testified under oath before Congress in July 2023. At the time, he and other US military whistleblowers shared details of their meetings and information about the government’s secret programs involving non-human technology.

During the hearings, Grash argued that the United States has had UFOs since the 1930s. However, in New York, he said the government was involved in UFO crash recovery efforts before 1933.

Grash is also believed to have claimed that fewer than 50 people are aware of the extent of the phenomenon.

At a July 2023 hearing, Grash suggested that the American government was allegedly killing people as part of a conspiracy to cover up the truth about UFOs. He repeated similar statements during a recent presentation.

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