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Ex-Rear Admiral: Underwater UFO base might exist near California’s coast

US Navy Rear Admiral and renowned oceanography expert Tim Gallaudet says there is a “lack of scientific curiosity” when it comes to investigating the abundant evidence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) plunging into the sea.

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And he believes that a recent discovery on the ocean floor may be related to a secret underwater UFO base, reports The Daily Star.

He paid attention to one particular find, identified during a recent scan of the seabed. Tim turned to his friend, renowned underwater explorer Victor Vescovo, to explore the seabed near Catalina after numerous UFO sightings in the area. Victor discovered a mysterious feature on the ocean floor.

Victor discovered what seemed to be a “wedge” on the floor. “I’ve not been able to find a natural explanation for it,” Tim said.

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“The anomaly looks like a wedge taken out of a thing called a knoll. It’s an underwater ridge basically – and a wedge from it was totally carved out and horizontally displaced by two kilometres.

The mysterious feature is over a mile long (Image: Chris Lehto/YouTube)

“I just want to find an explanation for it, but it does cause one to speculate. Is that evidence of an undersea UAP interaction with the sea floor? Or even a location for undersea infrastructure where these things go?”

The question arises: what is behind this mysterious find? Tim Gallaudet suggests that this could be evidence of underwater UFOs interacting with the seabed or even the location of underwater infrastructure where these unidentified objects are heading.

At this point, Tim has no plans to reveal the location of this possible “UFO base,” but he added, “I’m keeping the coordinates secret because I was approached by a producer from Netflix and he may be funding an expedition to dive there.”

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He only clarified that this mysterious location is located in the Southern California Bay, somewhere between Catalina Island and Long Beach.

Catalina Island has been a UFO hot spot for years, and the famous collision of the USS Nimitz with an unidentified object in 2014 brought UFOs to the world’s attention.

In addition to the mysterious discovery, Victor and Tim are going to conduct a more detailed study of this mysterious feature and try to unravel its secrets.

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