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Ex-official: 5 million aliens live among people

Aliens humansRecently, the former government UFO expert James Kune made a sensational statement. He said that more than five million extraterrestrials live in human form among people.

The expert urged everyone to take a close look at those around us: relatives, loved ones and friends. There is a high probability that among them there may be an alien who has taken on a human appearance.

The scientist also added that among the common people there are more than five million aliens who try not to betray their presence.

James Kune is sure that originally aliens began to live among human society in order to study it from the inside and no more. But over time, they began to become attached to people and establish more warm and close ties.

We don’t know how much reality there is in Kune’s statement, but he claims that personally, he was able to record in recent years about a thousand such cases.

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  1. If they have a good intention to humanity. It’s ok for me… We will be friends forever.. I like to meet them whether in human form or aliens form, as long they will not hurt me or eat me. He he he..

  2. Ufos are here there just in there own space here on are planet just because u cant see them dont mean theres nothing there when there is and iv got many recodings of many diferent things .wake up smell the coffe

    • Hi Brian,
      I’m interested. What kinda recordings? Do you mean like EVP recordings of them that you’ve captured on a recording device?

  3. The 50k plus aliens resident among us are what the Bible refers to as the watchers their real an have been visiting Earth for 45millineums on their arrival in our atmosphere U.N.H.Q. New York, State Department U.S. are notified they are then directed to a L.A Military Base where they are Interviewed by the State Department, on being able to assimilate/shapeshift they are then rushed to Walter Reed Hospital where they undergo a 90day Quarantine period, conducted by a Interplanetary Medical team on completion they are issued a 10yr renewable passport, an they just disappear into the qualify to come to Earth they must attend language School on Venus they learn every major Earth language it’s compulsory,their not just from our Solar System or galaxy their from all over the Universe. There’s no confab with Earth Authorities or a specific number, they just arrive, an convey their intentions to land to Non other than what were the Foo Fighters W.W.2 Now I.P.N.
    Interplanetary Police Nett, their now our Solar Systems Security Force,

  4. I don’t think this is true…I do believe there are beings living in human form for study but developing friendships ECT… Idk
    I was under the impression that they have no souls and cannot feel emotions.

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