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Ex-Navy Pilot: Recent UFO Revelations Just “Tip of Iceberg”

Last month, a House Oversight subcommittee witnessed a significant event as three retired members of the United States Armed Forces took the stand to testify about UAP, which stands for unidentified anomalous phenomena.

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During their sworn testimony, Ryan Graves, David Grusch, and David Fravor shared their firsthand encounters with UFOs, with Grusch boldly stating that the United States government undeniably possesses nonhuman spacecraft.

However, recent statements by Graves suggest that what was revealed during the hearing merely scratches the surface of the larger picture.

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves

“Today, these same UAP are still being seen; we still don’t know what they are; and our government has no idea of the scope of the problem. That’s because pilots, both commercial and military, are encountering UAP, and the majority of these cases are going unreported,” Graves now says in a new op-ed in Newsweek.

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The former aviator now leads Americans for Safe Aerospace, a nonprofit organization aiming to normalize the reporting of UAP and other unidentified aerial phenomena.

“The majority of UAP witnesses I talk to are commercial pilots at major airlines. Often, they are veterans with decades of flying experience,” Graves continued.

“Pilots are reporting UAP at altitudes that appear to be above them at 40,000 feet, potentially in low earth orbit or in the grey zone below the Karman line, making inexplicable maneuvers, like right hand turns and retrograde orbits, or j-hooks.

“Sometimes these reports are recurring, with numerous recent sightings north of Hawaii and the North Atlantic. Our most recent report was from Tuesday.”

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He added, “Why then is our government turning its back on the UAP reports from credible eyewitnesses who are responsible for the safety of millions and are motivated to protect our national security?

“If commercial pilots are routinely observing new foreign drones north of Hawaii, why wouldn’t we want to track those reports? Why would the FAA not want to assess potential safety of flight implications?

“Why does our government want to leave open a domain awareness gap that could pose a flight risk and national security risk?”

His statements mirror the sentiments expressed by fellow military pilots who, in recent times, have stepped up to recount their personal observations while highlighting the challenges entailed in such disclosures.

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Nonetheless, the prospect of any imminent alteration in this scenario remains uncertain.

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