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Ex-Admiral of Soviet Navy: UFOs disappearing into the oceans remains a mystery

With all the recent stories about (tic-tac) UFOs diving into the oceans it might be interesting to listen to eyewitnesses who already encountered this phenomenon 50-70 years ago.

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A squadron of Soviet submarines in 1945, and then a US Navy one in 1947, were severely attacked by flying saucers while trying to gain access to underground caves in Antarctica, reports UfoSightingsHotspot.

When we talk about attacking flying saucers, we must take into account that they were not only flying in the air but also were able to diver underwater, they floated to the surface and attacking from the air. These words are from the testimony of US Naval Admiral Richard Byrd.

Commander of the Soviet naval forces, Vladimir Chernadin also talked about flying saucers that were diving under water and at high speed coming out of its depths.

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He witnessed a flying disk, it was especially glowing and it was

moving at a tremendous speed and then dive into the water and disappear from view, after a while it came out of the water again.

It is quite possible that these UFOs, whether man-made or of alien origin, come from several underwater bases, including the possible underwater bases in Antarctica, off the coast of California and off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Vladimir Nikolayevich Chernavin served as the last Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy from 1985 to 1991 and the only Commander-in-Chief of the Commonwealth of Independent States Navy from 1991 to 1992. He reached the rank of admiral of the fleet during his career.

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The interview below with Ex-Admiral of Soviet Navy conducted by journalist Khaled Al-Rushd for RT Arabic.

It is strange that the US authorities call UFOs a new phenomenon and try to explain to us that they are studying it only recently.

It seems especially strange that the authorities want to convince us that these objects may belong to Russia or China. It is clear from all the evidence that this is not the case at all.

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